Type: Centralized

Grade: -

Order Book: No

Trades: Yes

Volume 24h:

Due to regulatory pressure from Chinese authorities Jubi ceased trading activity on 30th September History: Jubi is a Chinese exchange, allowing users to exchange a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for CNY. The exchange was founded in January 2014 by Beijing Zigong Technology Co., Ltd., and was officially launched in March 2014. Its core team is composed of many technical staff who have been concerned with virtual currency for many years. The company is committed to providing a safe, stable and quality trading experience for the second generation of cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

At this very moment, Jubi supports ZET, DOGE, XPM, BLK, NEO, VTC, PPC, PLC, WDC, LSK, MAX, NXT, VRC, BTC, LTC, XAS, MTC, IFC, XRP, ETC, GAME, and ETH tokens.